Shanxi Showroom

Shanxi is a province located in the North China region. Its name can be translated as West of the mountains, in this case from the Taihang Mountains.
For centuries, Shanxi served as a center for trade and banking; the ``Shanxi merchants`` were once synonymous with wealth. The well-preserved city and UNESCO World Heritage site Pingyao shows many signs of its economic importance during the Qing dynasty. During modern times, coal mining is important to Shanxi`s economy.

Shanxi possesses 260 billion metric tons of known coal deposits, about a third of China`s total. As a result, Shanxi is a leading producer of coal in China and has more coal companies than any other province, with an annual production exceeding 300 million metric tons. The Datong, Ningwu, Xishan, Hedong, Qinshui, and Huoxi coalfields are some of the most important in Shanxi. Shanxi also contains about 500 million tons of bauxite deposits, about a third of total Chinese bauxite reserves.

Shanxi is rich in cultural relics, natural scenic spots, and historical sites. Along with numerous old temples, ancient cities and pagodas can be found here, or the famous Wutai Mountain, Hengshan Mountain, and Hukou Waterfall.

The showroom of Shaanxi province can be found on the 1st floor of The Experience Center. The variety of products displayed here is very wide, from sport equipments to car accessories, from glasswares to food, from decoration materials to electronics various goods can be found here.
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